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About us

Value4p was founded by 2 experienced specialists burning to innovate. Together we set out to bring our diverse strengths to the table in a way that exponentially creates more value for our clients. Value4p specializes in developing and delivering innovative and efficient solutions and services.

Our “4P”

Our name is our pledge to provide you with the best user-centric solutions for:


are at the heart of every organization. Your customers, employees and partners are motivated by specific interests and goals. We offer you virtual 3D formats for people to learn and feel good about change, collaborating, and interacting virtually.


delivered, observed, and valued by people. Expected results are as varied as your organization and stakeholders. Don´t just choose and implement a framework because it is best practice but identify and adapt one that really fits your company culture and goals.


your vehicle on the way to success, both for your projects and for your day-to-day business. Get to know your data streams and variants of workflows before you start to optimize and digitize your business. This is a basic and vital path towards business success.


carrying out the measures for best results. Identify your quality-, risk- and success-indicators and make sure to continuously measure and improve the value you generate. Strive for this high value and benefit from stakeholder delight!

The Founders



Portrait of Karla Schlaepfer

Roland Jungenkrueger is a senior project- and process expert. Roland is an authority in his field and certified in several project methods like Scrum, IPMA Level B, and as a Legal Project Practicioner (IILPM).

When globetrotting as a project manager, he worked on complex projects worldwide with remote teams in legal, organizational change projects and IT contracts. In addition, we are excited to announce that he is currently the only accredited assessor for Axelos’ P3M3 maturity model for portfolio, program, and project management in Germany and Austria, and one of only a few in the United States!


Dr. Robert

Portrait of Karla Schlaepfer

Dr. Robert Scholderer is a savvy business developer. He’s demonstrated this repeatedly as an active and passionate start-up founder. Over the last decade, he has initiated and managed several successful start-ups that morphed into full-fledged companies. A man with a vision!

Robert is known throughout Germany for his expertise in the legal area of service level agreements and for IT Service Management excellence. He is the author and/or co-author of 17 books. His acclaimed scientific work and expertise are the subject of an article in Wikipedia from 2019.