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  • Professional coaching and training spaces
  • All virtual reality spaces customizable
  • Optional moderation
  • Full-service-support
  • Highest quality VR-Headsets
  • Completely GDPR compliant

Trusted by the best

Open to change and new forms of collaboration.

Our clients are the innovators.

What our clients say

“If you have a start-up idea or are trying to solve a human-centric business problem, I would strongly recommend working with Karla and applying design thinking to the problem, before investing a single Euro on solution development!”

Ritesh Arora, Chief Digital Officer

“Karla is always dedicated to 100% and highly creative in joint development of new perspectives in private and professional environment. I highly appreciate Karla's work.”

U. Pott, Telekommunications/ New Work

“Great workshop! Karla Schlaepfer made our challenges in a digitalized working world visible. Especially inspiring and helpful were the suggestions she designed for agile working. She was able to actively inspire everyone in equal measure.”

Ms. Bibiana Kemner, VP Business and Human Resources Management, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

What we offer


Use our virtual Tank space to jump-start New Work and agile enablement! We have beautiful virtual 3D spaces. Use the cool tools to learn and apply the successful innovation processes like Design Thinking or Scrum. These learning journeys inspire a new kind of real online collaboration and fun.

Process Model ITIL®4

ITIL4 supports agile procedures and dynamic changes more than ever. This browser-based process model is the starting point for the introduction or optimization of your IT services! Understand ITIL4 within minutes and start today improving your IT Services according to your individual requirements.

Process Mining

Process Mining is a tool-supported process analysis to examine current standard processes and variances in enterprises. The outcomes helps businesses to understand their efficiency grade and to reduce the risks for costs, improve compliance and quality.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Some words about us

Value4p GmbH helps clients map and carry out workflows for distributed remote teams (global teams or those in home office) with virtual reality and browser-based applications. We transform innovative design and agile methods into fully accessible 3D virtual learning, coaching and training formats. These offers include a suite of collaboration tools, personalized avatars and live facilitation.

And we give you more. Our understanding of efficient workflows is the result of comprehensive process and project expertise. From the evaluation and gap-fit-analysis to the management of processes and projects; we focus on compliance, efficiency and superlative people satisfaction.

We think big but keep it simple!